Decorated Product before Party

Every occasion, whether it’s a simple birthday or a wedding, deserves to have fabulous desserts. Since my niece was turning one, I was fully prepared to create the perfect cupcakes for the Peter Rabbit themed celebration. For obvious reasons, the first type of cupcakes is a carrot cake cupcake topped with a cream cheese frosting and garnished with cinnamon Oreo cookie crumbs. The second batch were inspired by the summer flavor, strawberry lemonade,with a vanilla based cake filled with strawberry preserves topped lemon buttercream and garnished with assorted sprinkles. Each of the cupcakes had a peter rabbit themed topper that was ordered online via Etsy and Amazon. Both of these flavors are great for the summer/spring because not only are they fresh, vibrant, and delicious but they can also be made in to bigger cakes. Happy Summer!


Final Product Displayed at Party


Arzoo Pervaiz


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